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July 10, 2024

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Honduras, the Gutierrez family. A couple of sister churches in Honduras joined them as they recently hosted a family camp which had sessions for men, ladies, teens, and children! Many people from the community came and several trusted Christ for their Saviour.
  • Please pray for Kevin and Loretta Walker. During this month they will be on the reservations in Arizona and New Mexico. They do their VBS meetings there without any cost to the missionaries due to the extreme poverty, so are trying to raise $6,360 for fuel and prizes for the children.
  • Local Requests
    • Pray that we would have God’s power to do what He has called us to do and that we would not do it in our own ability.
    • Pray that God would give us boldness to share the gospel with those who need to hear it.
    • Pray that God would open our eyes and hearts to see and love those around us in word and deed who need to know Jesus.
  • National Requests

    • Pray for Christians and churches to be aware of God’s presence transforming their lives, and that they would be surrendered to what God wants to do in them.
    • Pray for the next generation to receive truth and live as an example to the believers in seeking after Christ.
  • Global Requests
    • Indonesia – Population: 279,798,049 – Christian: 5.6%
    • A spiritual conflict rages for Indonesia. Ancient and strong occult powers seek to oppose the influence of the gospel, while modern Muslim stratagems seek to eliminate Christianity and remove the presence of the good news. Pray specifically for the binding of these powers and for continued growth of the Church in the midst of intense opposition and growing persecution.
    • Millions of Indonesians need a new place to live. Pray that Christians might show the love of Jesus to these displaced peoples. As a result of earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods, millions have become homeless or displaced and 200,000 have died in the last twenty years. More than 500,000 Christians from Maluku and central Sulawesi have suffered personal loss, bitter trauma, and loss of their ancestral homelands to Muslim groups. Although the violence has passed, these areas have shifted from the two religious populations living amidst one another to a separation that means there is much less interaction between Muslims and Christians – and therefore much less witness to Jesus for those who do not know him.
    • Riau Malay in Indonesia – population: 1,923,000
      • 99% Muslim – 0.8% Christian
      • The Melayu Riau have been influenced by Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and European cultures. Islam influences almost every aspect of present-day life for the Melayu Riau and parents emphasize religious education over formal education, particularly in primary school. At the same time, many common practices indicate the strong adherence to traditional spiritual beliefs – for example, potions used to ward off evil spirits.
      • Pray for spiritual discernment and a hunger for truth.
      • Pray for faithful and loving workers to go to them with the gospel.
      • Pray for Riau Malay disciples to make more disciples.

7/10 -Sunny Register
7/10 – Hosanna Armao
7/11 – Caleb Lawhorn
7/12 – Cheyenne Fenley
7/13 – Michael Gammage
7/15 – Cambrin Lattie


7/16 – Luvon & Ann Davis

Weekly Giving Report
Weekly Giving Report


English General – $12,152.15
Missions – $2,901.94
Building – $10.00
Ethan Daugherty Memorial – $0.00
Spanish General – $3,722.77
Spanish Building – $989.79
Eastern Shore – $4,574.06
Eastern Shore Building – $262.10
Eastern Shore Missions – $565.00

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Andrews Family
BEAMS Ministry
Bethel Baptist Church
Bounds Family
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Christian Law Association
Christian Media International
Gardner Family
Happiness Hill Girl’s Home
Harvey Family
Heartland Baptist Bible College
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Becker Family
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Lopez Family
Courtney Mathos

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Martinez Family

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Imani Feeding Center

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Restricted Access Nations
6 Missionary Families

Featured Missionary

The Lopez Family

  1. So far this year they have had their first wedding, held their first Missions Conference (supporting 8 missionaries), stated a new bus route, and had their highest church attendance of 268. Their goal is to consistently run 300 by 2025. 
  2. The end of last year, someone accused Bro. Lopez of running over their child, but the judge threw the case out because his car was parked at the airport at that time, as he was preaching out of town. Even though he was innocent, it still cost thousands of dollars in legal fees and was a waste of time! 
  3. In May while soul-winning, a motorcycle cut him off, causing him to run into it. After the riders accused him of trying to assassinate them, he was unlawfully put in jail for four days. 
  4. Although the investigation officially ruled he was innocent, it, too, cost thousands and much wasted time. Both incidents are from the same bus-route area where they are actively reaching people. 
  5. He was able to lead three cellmates to Christ! One of them was so discouraged that he was ready to end his life. Please pray for these three men that they would come to church and he could train them to become soldiers for Christ, and for God’s power and protection as they advance the cause of Christ in more strongholds of the Devil!

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